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Bungalow House Plans

The Bungalow is one of the most beloved forms of Architecture in America. Bungalow House Plans have been a staple of housing in America for over 100 years.

At Re-Historic™ Homes, we offer two things:

  1. The BEST Bungalow House Plans that are available online.
  2. The MOST comprehensive set of  resources for the Bungalow lifestyle.

We have been building houses and creating great communities in Northern Colorado for 58 years.  If you are looking to live in a classic Bungalow visit our online gallery of Bungalow House Plans where you can watch videos, see photos and download FREE sets of drawings for pricing.

Need advice on whats best for your Bungalow House Plan?  Interested in finding the best products and retailers for your Craftsman House? Or do you simply want to read whats new in the world of Bungalows and the Arts & Crafts philosophy?  Take a look  through our Resource Section and spend a few minutes with a great cup of coffee reading articles in the Breakfast Nook.

We offer a breadth of service and  desire to see you embracing the Arts & Crafts lifestyle in your new Bungalow House Plan. Our Re-Historic™ philosophy of design employs the best of the past with the brightest innovations of the future.
Here’s what others are saying about living in a Bungalow House Plan from Bungalowhouseplans.com:

Here’s what others say about living in a Bungalow House Plan from Bungalowhouseplans.com:

“Thanks so much. You are a breath of fresh air. After purchasing many house plans in excess of $800 and then having to modify them myself (I am an interior designer), I’m hoping I have one more house left in me to build. I’ve built 8. I’m 70, but don’t write me off yet. I’ve been dying to build a bungalow for years but no one had the sensitivity to stay true to the integrity of the genre while making practical changes for today’s lifestyle until I saw yours. You inspire me.” – Charlene

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