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Welcome to BungalowHousePlans.com. We are a Bungalow House Design company that specializes in Bungalow House Plans and Interior Design consultation. We are a division of a four generation company (www.everittcompanies.com) that has been building and developing houses and neighborhoods for over 58 years.  We decided a few years ago to take our knowledge and expertise and develop a home building company that specialized in the idea and aesthetic of the Arts and Crafts period in architecture and specifically the Bungalow Home.

In the recent years, our Bungalow home building company has had numerous requests for us to build and influence design across the country. While it seemed impractical to try to build homes in distant locations, we decided that selling our plans and consultation services would be the next best thing. We call our work, Re-Historic™ Design; it takes the best ideas of the past with the brightest innovations of the future. In our Bungalow House Plans we call upon the influence of other eras with the adaptations the market has injected into house design in the 21st Century.

One of the distinguishing benefits to our Bungalow House Plans is the fact that we are a builder in Northern Colorado (www.jamestownhomebuilders.com) and that we have, over the course of many years, refined and built homes that are responsive to the needs of those who live in the homes. Architects often worry about how perfect something looks, and don’t have the ability or intention to actually build every home they design.  More times than not, that results in expensive plans and impractical ideas that you spend money to revise after you have purchased a plan.

The advantages to purchasing one of our Bungalow House Plans are:

1.  We have learned how people actually live through extensive response to actual customers

2. We recognize that cost is a major consideration in the building of a home so our Bungalow House plans have been refined to be easily built

3.  Each plan is an actual home we have built AND SOLD numerous times.

These are just some of the reasons our Bungalow House Plans are so appealing and timeless. They are plans that resulted out of function and beauty but were also intended to be something an average  person could afford to build. There is certainly an emphasis on how great these Bungalow homes look, but it has been a high priority that they are designed for a family and that they could be built at a price that wasn’t out of reach for the average working person.

Our company is here to help you get the Bungalow home you want to live in. Our years of experience and our happy home owners are a testament to what we can provide for you in a Bungalow House Plan.