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1. How much money can I expect to save by buying a plan set from Bungalow House Plans?

Building with a set of our plans can save you significant money over the conventional build.  Most of the time when you purchase  a home from a builder or contractor, they are building in a profit margin of 12-18% and many times real estate commissions are also included and can be anywhere from 3-6% depending on the marketplace.  If you took for example the Bryce Canyon model that we offer you would see the following:

Our Retail Cost as Jamestown Builders to the Buyer (Excluding Land and Permits in Northern Colorado) is $308,000

Your Cost if Purchasing our plans and contracting yourself ( Excluding Land and Permits and including the plans and subscription to our consultation service) is $233,000

That’s a Savings of $75,000

2. Can revisions be made to the plans?

Yes, each plan includes 1 hour of revision time. Any major changes will be assessed, and an estimate will be given for the work required above and beyond the free hour.

3. What are minor changes?

Generally the movement of interior walls, windows and doors constitute minor changes. Along with that, garage placement and orientation are generally minor revisions (plan specific).

4. Do you have alternate garage placements?

Yes, most of our plans come with the option for alternate garage placements. When we receive your order, we will contact you about the garage and which location is required.

5. Do you have narrow lot plans?

Most of our plans are designed for a 50′ wide lot. However, many of our plans have alternate garage placements which can in many cases reduce that footprint by 20′. All of our dimensions include the garage. If you have specific needs or lot dimensions please contact us.

6. What is a bid set?

A bid set is a full copy of the plan that allows you to take to a contractor and receive an estimate. They are stamped with a “not for construction watermark” so you will not be able to pull a permit from this set. Any money spent on a bid set is applicable to the purchase of the construction set or CAD files.

7. What does the printed plan set include?

We include 5 printed sets that are for construction and can be used to pull a permit on a single use. It includes a basement, main floor and second floor level, roof, electrical and elevation plans.

8. What version of CAD will I receive?

We draw our plans in Vectorworks™, but can supply you with a DWG, DXF, or VWX fomat. Our software is a model based software and can easily be imported into 2D software such as Auto Cad® or into model based software.

9. How many times can I use the plan?

We often have builders interested in using our plans multiple times. The plan or CAD set is good for one permit, however we do offer a discounted repeat fee of $400 for each future use of the plan.

10. If I alter the CAD file plan considerably, do I still have to pay a repeat fee?

Yes. The plans, even when altered are the copyrighted property of Bungalowhouseplans.com and are subject to all future use fees.

11. What is your “Builders Membership” and what does the $350 fee include?

The membership is a resource we provide to builders or contractors who need help to create our bungalow house plans. The idea is that our years of experience can really help builders achieve the desired outcome, inside and out with unlimited consultation. The fee includes:

  • Free email consultation
  • Photo book of key details
  • Truss Layout
  • Cabinet Layout
  • Discount on Interior Design Guide Book
  • Discount on Light Design Package
  • Discount on Interior Paint Palette Book
  • View and purchase our other non-public plans

12. Do you have other plans?

Yes, please contact us if there are specific needs in a plan that isn’t shown on our website. It would be virtually impossible to offer every variation we have ever created; but we do have them and would be happy to show them and discuss your needs.

13. Do you offer other styles of homes besides Bungalow House Plans?

Yes, please visit www.mid-centuryplans.com for other period themed designs and we also offer custom architectural and interior design that can suit whatever style you might be after.