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Builder Resources

FAQs for Builders:

Is there a discount for Builders?

Yes, if you purchase 2 plans, receive an instant 20% discount on the plans

Is there a repeat fee?

Yes, if you build our plans multiple times, there is a $400 repeat fee for each time the home is constructed.

Is there a Portfolio Discount?

Yes, if you purchase all 11 plans you will receive an instant 35% discount on the entire portfolio, and receive our interior photo books for each plan and receive free email consultation for all of the plans.

Do you provide consultation?

Yes, we provide unlimited email consultation with our builder membership. We also offer 1 free hour of telephone conversation with each plan purchase for builders.

What is the builder membership?

We offer an exclusive membership for builders to help craft and create the best build possible.  One of the aspects of purchasing a plan that can be difficult, especially for builders, is the unknown pitfalls that await in the designs.  We realized that to have consultation available at any point was a valuable benefit that we could provide.  We can provide additional resources along with our personal experience and expertise having built each of these homes multiple times.  For a $350.00 membership* per plan, we will provide you with the following resources:

  • Free email consultation
  • Photo book of key plan details
  • Truss Layout
  • Cabinet Layout
  • Discount on Interior Design Guide Book
  • Discount on Lighting Design Package
  • Discount on Interior Paint Palette Book
  • View and purchase our other non-public plans

*Please contact us to become a member.