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Bungalow Merchants

We are often asked where we find our resources for our Bungalow Designs.  Here is a page filled with incredible Merchants who can help create the perfect finishes for your Bungalow House Plan!

Cabinet Makers

Acadie Woodworks – An incredible maker of Flush Inset Cabinets based out of Spokane Washington.  Jonathan Gay is an artist and a master craftsman at his skill.  He has created several Flush Inset Kitchens for us and they are the highest quality cabinets we have ever used.  The flush inset cabinet is far closer to furniture in its look and feel than many of the box builders that are more common.  Jon will work to design a kitchen for new construction or a remodel.  See his blog below.


Crown Point Cabinetry – A furniture quality, custom cabinet maker.  They create beautiful arts and crafts cabinets and have a very nice selection of period and replicated door styles and colors.


Wellborn Cabinets– Wellborn is a very well made cabinet that is more mass produced than that of Acadie Woodworks.  They have a diverse selection of door styles and colors.  Contact Cloud 9 Kitchens for a great designer and distributor that can help get you a good design.

Cloud 9 Kitchen Design

Appliances Vintage and Otherwise

Elmira Stoveworks is a great place to locate vintage stoves and appliances.  For a true period design, appliances can be add some of the most visible elements to a kitchen that help create that vintage Bungalow Feel.

Elmira Stoveworks

Another great supplier that we have just discovered, with a little flare from a later period, but still within the style is Big Chill Fridge.  Here is there site:

Big Chill Fridge

Ferguson Supply

This is our main supplier of Appliances in our building company.  I can’t say enough about the selection and service that they provide.  Their website is really a great place to view and visualize appliances in a kitchen.  They carry a huge selection of brands and styles of appliances and have great sales staff that can help narrow down your selections.  Be sure to visit www.ferguson.com

Custom Built Ins

Looking for a breakfast booth?  Window Seats? Mudroom Storage?  We can create for you custom built-ins that are cabinet quality finishes that are shipped to your project ready for your trim carpenter to install.  These can be shipped either as natural, unfinished wood, or pre-finished, stained or painted pieces.  This is a simple way to get the built in feel of the past with the quality and precision of being built in a controlled environment.  We will coordinate with you to meet a budget and to help create a durable furniture piece that is easy to install and ready for use.


Interior Design

We use a great design shop here in Fort Collins called Schilling Interiors.   The team at Schillings  have developed an innovative shop with an incredible selection of tile, wood and hard surfaces.  I like using a small shop like Schillings for a few reasons.  One is that they are very attentive to each home and they take great interest in seeing the home be exactly as you hope for.  Second, a smaller shop really strives to find innovative, economical products. Schillings along with our consultants can help create an interior design book for your home to help create exactly what you are looking for at exactly the budget you desire for materials.  Visit their website, or contact us for further information about the interior design consultation and guide book.



Everitt & Schilling Tile Co. Is one of our subsidiary companies that sells incredible tile for our brand of Re-Historic Design.  Visit our site often as we have new, innovative things added all of the time.  The website is:

E & S Tile Here is a video of what we have to offer:

Motowi Tile Works – Hand made and painted tiles from the Arts and Crafts era.


Native Tile & Ceramics – Time honored methods of tile creation.  All original designs, perfect for any Arts & Crafts Home project


Lights and Fixtures

School House Electric is a great place with many period type lights:


Also I like these others for very traditional Arts and Crafts Lighting that add incredible depth and character to any Bungalow:

Old California Lantern Company

Arroyo Craftsman Lights

Oak Park Home and Hardware (This site has more Prairie influence, but still has some incredible lighting and hardware for your Bungalow)

Hardware (Switch Plates, Address Numbers, Towel Bars, Holders etc.)

I use several sites for our hardware.  There are several consolidation type sites where you can purchase everything in one family, and there are specialist sites that focus on one specific item.  Each of my favorites are listed below:

House of Antique Hardware (A great consolidation site that allows you to purchase many hardware items for the home in the same family)

Craftsmen Hardware Company (Another great site that limits their consolidation to the Arts and Crafts theme exclusively)

Charleston Hardware Co. (Arts and Crafts and period reproductions of doorknobs and cabinet hardware)

Rejuvenation Hardware (A site filled with collections and styles of hardware and other period home decor items)

Accent Items (Wallpapers, Furniture, Lamps, Artwork etc.)

Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpaper ( A great place to locate beautiful wall coverings designed in period styles)

Modern Bungalow (A wonderful furniture store in Denver, Colorado filled with amazing items to complete your Bungalow)

Bend Bungalow (Beautiful Collection of Arts and Crafts decor)