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Bungalow Plan Testimonials

“Beyond having the great flow of space is the unexpected – the surprising, eye-catching additions to the bungalow plan that just make sense in the design of the home.” – The Arches

“The areas where you spend the most time are the largest. There was such forethought that went into how families live and interact today.” – Jeff, The Bryce Canyon

“This bungalow plan is easy to live in, and makes it ideal for my style of living, being able to entertain and engage with family and friends.”  – Berin, The Crater Lake

“We can be doing things in a couple different areas of the house, and still be connected.”  – Jerry & Cheryl, The General Grant

“We love the open bungalow plan that Re-Historic Homes designed for us. It’s easy to feel comfortable and congregate in any area of the house.”  – Ryan & Rachel, The Grand Canyon

“I looked at about 100 different homes before I found this Re-Historic home. I was looking for a not-so-big-house idea, but with space where I needed it. Re-Historic Homes provided that.”  – Sharon, The Lassen

“We love the flow of the main floor and the second floor. Everyone can have their own space at any given moment without being entirely separated from each other. ” – Travis and Tanzy, The Long’s Peak

“We love to entertain. We can have family and friends over in any part of the house, including the three outside living spaces with this floor plan.”  – Kathy, The Meremac

“This house really has the feel of an older home. It reminds me of all the houses that I’ve fallen in love with – homes that were built in the early 1900s.” – Katie, The Mesa Verde

“This floor plan is warm, comfortable, and classy. It’s a very nice lifestyle.” – Terry, The Sequoia

“I love the openness of the bungalow plan. All of the entertaining is up front in the open area. I live in the front area, and go to the back where the bedrooms are for my sanctuary.” – Andrea, The Yellowstone