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What is a Bungalow

What is a Bungalow, or Bungalow House?  The definition has ranged from small thatched huts in India, to multi-million dollar houses built in the late twentieth century that were designed to modern floor plan needs with exterior details made to look like a Bungalow.  When people speak of a Bungalow House, generally they are referring to a home built in the early twentieth century that was designed for the average working man to afford, and that provided exceptional character and comfort.  They were focused on outdoor living spaces, front porches, verandas, and courtyards to help escape the heat a house could generate in warmer climates.  Over time, different parts of the country began to develop their own architectural vernacular centered on the principles of the Bungalow.  California, Chicago, New York and Texas all refined the style that was specific to their region.  Companies like Aladdin and Sears popularized the style by manufacturing pre-made kits that were available for purchase and assembly on land in a persons local jurisdiction.  The Bungalow House continued to popularize itself in the Great Depression because of its affordability and security of investment in the troubled economy of the 30’s.

There is a long history of the Bungalow that starts likely in India and ends in American Housing.  This article from Wikipedia does an excellent job of summarizing the timeline and associated terminology.


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